5 ways to use pots and plants to brighten up your living areas

5 ways to use pots and plants to brighten up your living areas

Did you know- even the smallest houseplants will purify your air while boosting your mood? Carefully thought-through pots are also a great way to add touches of colour or texture while showing off your greenery.


Spider plants

These release natural vapour while being low-maintenance, and their small size means they’re easily be grouped with other plants on a table for an eye-catching effect.


Indoor herb gardens

Kitchen herbage lets you be as imaginative as possible- while smelling amazing. Cluster matching themed, but different sized pots for a modern vibe. Hang planters from the window for optimal sunlight.


Floating shelves

Chic floating shelves in the living room are a minimalist way of making cascading plants the main feature of any indoor space. Mix up heights and sizes for luscious walls of foliage.


DIY pots

Upcycle! Glass jars allow a contemporary layer effect of smooth, neutral pebbles and soil, or capture a rustic feel in the kitchen with op-shop vintage teapots.


Window planters

Plant pots don’t always need to make a statement. Interior window boxes in a dark hue are simple to make yourself, and give your flora the starring role.


How have you used potted plants to liven up your home?


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