5 ways to make your home a sanctuary

5 ways to make your home a sanctuary

Is your home your ideal haven? A place of privacy? A space to unwind, recharge and feel free? There are many ways to design your home so it’s a powerfully rejuvenating sanctuary. All that’s needed are a few simple ideas.



Open up vast possibilities in terms of colour scheme. Warm-coloured glass holders create a flickering, cosy effect in the bedroom, while cooler greens or blues give rooms a softer minimalist feel.


Bathroom plants

Transform your morning shower into a spa-like experience, and strategically placed hanging plants create a tropical climate. Standing plants can be impactful in larger bathrooms, if you’re blessed with space.



Messy masses of electrical wires, uncategorised, or just unused…stuff! These all contribute to anxiety and stress. Once the chaos is gone, your living spaces become more tranquil and soothing. Nested or hanging organizers can help remove some clutter, while wires can be hidden away using wooden boxes for a cosier feel.


Essential oils

The scent of Ylang-Ylang, Lavender or Jasmine drifting through your home adds a touch of peaceful ambience. Ceramic diffusers are a beautiful way to achieve this, as are floating scented candles in a glass-filled wide vase.


Natural lighting

Soft sunlight in winter across luxurious carpets, or summery brightness across wooden floors can be so relaxing. No matter how you’ve designed your interior decor, sunlight enhances your mood naturally and helps your body clock onto a natural cycle.


What tips can you share? How have you made your home a sanctuary?

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