5 ways to add the colour sage to your home

5 ways to add the colour sage to your home

Alongside black home décor, sage provides a muted yet aesthetic backdrop, or it’s often dappled with white by interior stylists looking for a clean feeling.

  1. Feature walls allow you to be creative, and guarantee house envy when guests enter a room. Ask your interior designer for a pattern that blends sage with white during your home reno to create a jungle feel, or choose blocks of white and gentle sage like I’ve done in my house, which is beautiful.
  2. Ceramic backsplash works in all kitchens from minimalist to tailored. Sage green tiles add a splash of colour amidst even the most intuitive kitchen layout.
  3. Floating shelves are a modern way to feature the real thing. Sage grows in ornamental varieties that can replace framed pictures for a natural home vibe.
  4. Pale or profound? Interior lovers know sage comes in lighter pastel shades that are fresh and crisp, and muted, deeper tones that add warmth to modern home details. They are both great home décor ideas, so bolder interior lovers might adopt a textured approach to designing your Canberra interiors and boost your current design situation.
  5. Sunny sage walls in an east-facing room are a natural way toward eclectic décor and a great home vibe, and can be brightened up further with gold picture frames.

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